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Men Therapy Session

About Lisa Lester, MA, LMHC

Lisa is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, certified Chemical Dependency Professional, and a Child Mental Health Specialist. Lisa helps you better  understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and how these impact your current life experience. She helps you explore the motivations that guide your choices -- motivations you may not know exist.

Lisa provides therapy for children, teens. adults and families. If you bring your unique concerns, needs, and circumstances, Lisa will join you on a path toward healing and understanding. Empathy and humor are tools she will utilize to explore your personal narrative. 

The process of therapy can be both difficult and rewarding. Along the way, Lisa will help you enhance your coping skills, relationships and overall well-being. With evidence-based practices, Lisa can help you to live more effectively and experience life more fully.


Areas of Expertise include:



-Grief and loss



-Parenting Skills

-Teens and Children

-Behavioral Issues

-Substance Use disorders


--Master of Arts in Education, Counseling, Seattle University. Seattle, Washington.

--Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Western Washington University. Bellingham, Washington.

Professional Licenses: LH 60656774     CP 60506433

Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, friends and many pets. Her personal interests also include traveling, running, and being outdoors.