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Men Therapy Session


"Merry Christmas to someone who shines so bright in so many hearts. The best things to wish you are all the things you give to others--happiness, laughter, and so much hope. Thank you, Chuck, for alway being there for me. You're a wonderful person and a great therapist..." Adult female 


"I am so grateful for you, your staff and especially, Chuck!  I remember the day I called and spoke with one of the receptionists...I was emotionally exhausted, confused and worried about my son.  After telling your receptionist about [my son] and his reluctance to cooperate, She said..."Don't worry, I think we have just the right person for you"...and she gave me Chuck's name.  She said Chuck would even come out to the car to meet [my son], if he was not comfortable coming in!  She also said Chuck had a good rapport with teenagers and a lot of experience.  She was absolutely right!  Fortunately, Chuck did not have to come out to the car and now, almost a year later, [my son] still looks forward to his session every other week!  Thank you all!"  -Message from a relieved Mom.


"I didn't want to go to counseling at first but I am glad I went. If I didn't, who knows what would have happened to me and my family..." -Teen male

"To the one person who always puts a smile on my face every Thursday. Thank you for always caring and being there for me" -Note from adult female"We decided to seek family counseling after some concerning behavior from one of our daughters escalated.  Nothing we did had an impact on the emotional meltdowns and lying.  The behavior was getting worse and starting to impact our entire family.  We contacted MCFS out of desperation.  We had never attended any counseling and did not know what to expect.  Chuck was recommended to us so we booked an appointment.  Both girls IMMEDIATELY took to Chuck.  After several session we started to realize that our daughter was no longer lying (and in fact working very hard to build back trust) and the emotional meltdowns had all but disappeared.  Not that she no longer gets upset, but now she uses some of the tools Chuck has taught her control her temper.  Our sessions with Chuck have made a world of difference to our family!"  - A Grateful Mom

"You've helped me in ways you will probably never know." -Adult female

"Thank you for helping me and my family get along! I had so much fun with you. We played so much games together. I hope we can see you again." - Gradeschool girl

"I feel like I'm a different person than when I first walked in here 8 months ago" -Adult male

"[My son] had a very reactive moment with me before we left for Thanksgiving. He was angry and calling me names - but the amazing thing, he did not resort to throwing things or punching the wall!!! This is huge. He normally seems to get on a path of non stop escalation, but this time was different. I thought it was important you know this as I have seen such a positive shift and lots of self discovery on [my son's] part since he started working with you. Thank you." -Parent of teen male 

"[My therapist] accepts me just like I am." -Adult female


"In a few short weeks, you really helped me to narrow my focus & get to where I want to be...I am so happy I made the decision to come to Mill Creek Family Services! Thank you for helping me get to where I want to be..." -Adult female
"You inspire us as parents to be better human beings" Adult male


"[My son] has not had any physical outbursts since we last talked! He has gotten back to his routine and is doing really well. Chuck, thank you for all of your incredible work. I know we wouldn't be here without you!" A thankful Mom

"I just really want you to really know what a wonderful human being you are & you make a big difference in peoples' lives. I will forever be grateful for your help and kindness to [my son]." Mom of a male teen


"...I wanted to also thank you for your tremendous support and excellent services you provided me to help me get through this! THANK YOU! I feel with out our sessions I could have not done such a great job. You really helped me see that I can and could do this. Your such a great therapist and I’m so very happy to have you as mine." -- Adult female

"Thank you so much for all your help over the years.  Going to see you was one of the best choices I ever made...Thank you, thank you!" Adult female

"We are thankful to [therapist] for helping us find peace amidst the chaos..." Adult female
"Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and caring..." Adult female

"You were such a nice person to me in a time when I was lonely and insecure in the world and I just wanted to thank you for that. I have a very good life now, have a great job, four kids, and I am married. Thanks for being a good person and you have touched many others along the way I am sure." Adult male

"Thank you.....You're the only ray of sunshine and happiness that I have in my life right now..." Adult female