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Men Therapy Session

Life is good--especially when we're "in the flow"...

But what about when life and relationships are 
much more of a struggle?...
when you feel like you're fighting against
life's current? 

During those times, life can be 
--It's in those moments we ALL need
a little extra help and support!

Maybe you're feeling stuck?...sinking?
...overwhelmed with troubles in your life
or relationships? Or maybe you're really 
worried about a family member or close friend?

My name is Ken Urie, and I'm the founder of Mill Creek Family Services. I've devoted our counseling practice to support  and guide you and the ones you love through tough times--the kind of support and solutions needed to start feeling better and living life again! 
If you, or those you care about, are losing hope that things will ever change--we are here to help you get through this!  

You and your loved ones can experience PEACE and HAPPINESS again!

Our team of professional counseling associates at Mill Creek Family Services are both deeply caring AND uniquely skilled at helping get lives back on track. With a broad range of expertise, our counselors provide positive and practical approaches to navigate life's biggest challenges. 

We invite you to call, text or email us for an individual, couples, marriage, family, teen or child therapy consultation. We offer convenient locations in both Mill Creek and Everett.

Click here for more information about our Everett location

Just click on the "Appointment Request" tab on this page and get a message to us today. We'll get you connected with a counselor during a day and time that works well for YOU.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!